Hej !

Who Am I

2015-09-04 06.14.44 1.jpg

 Shelby Marsa Istiqomah,call me Shelby .Informatics Engineering student at Telkom University. A dreamer and hardworker. Data Mining Enthusiast, Volunteering addict and born to spread happiness. Gaining friends becomes a hobby, telling stories becomes a habbit 🙂 Feel free to ask anything except about love.

12 thoughts on “Who Am I

  1. hi 🙂 visiting back 😀 nice blog too ;]

  2. hi visiting back nice blog too ;]

  3. LOL, this is good. I’ve seen the same thing on some other blog before.

  4. shelbiy ketauan banget foto diatas diedit pake liquify di photoshop ya? 😆

  5. hi nice to meet u, i don’t understand at all… about teknik komputer, informatika, ilmu komputer, sistem informasi, manajemen informatika, telematika, dan sejenisnya.
    kok namanya beda-beda padahal yang dipelajari hampir sama.

  6. Oalaaahh shelby toh.
    Hai shelby! Long time no see! Heheh..

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