Challenge Day9: Russian Red

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For months,I’ve been listened to the musics that cause eargasm.Russian Red.

Russian Red – Fuerteventura ( Accoustic)

Russian Red – Ciggaretes 

It was last year, I was so into indie folks music.So I browsed on youtube and then I found Russian Red song’s Ciggaretes. Her voice is just unique,like no other,and the feel of her songs brings me to a very enjoyable phase. I’m in love to every songs in her albums. You can listen to some of her songs here. At first,I thought she is Russian since her stage name is Russian Red,but actually she is Spanish. I could tell from her real name, Lourdes Hernández. Well,because of her ‘so-folks-voice’,no wonder she’s known as the Spanish Feist. Besides her unique voice, she can play some kind of musics instrument and she got a beautiful face. Very beautiful.Typical of spanish girl .


russian-red (1)


I wonder if she will  held a show in Indonesia. quieres, dear Russian Red ?


Author: adorablemind

The happiest girl ever :))

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