Challenge Day6 : New Year’s Grilled

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Well,I found out that the new year’s pictures have been uploaded,soooo here’s what I was doing during new year’s night. Actually,I want to go to what they called “Car Free Night” at Dago but since it’s too mainstream to stand in crowded in new year’s night,so I decided to join my lab-mate doing ‘bakar-bakaran’. We got lots of food to be grilled.Sausages,chickens and corns. We had meatball too,but it seems contains Formalin or borax.The colour of meatball was pale white and when I gave it to a cat, it wont eat it. I didn’t intend to plant cancer on my kidney,so here you go meatball,on trash.






Well,everybody was ended up pretty full. There are some corns left but since everybody couldn’t eat more grilled, the boys started playing poker and the loser should eat the leftover. Well,thanks God I shouldn’t play the game,alhamdulillah šŸ˜€
Sorry now I’m using English,different from another posts. Well, I put my challenge’s level higher.Posting using English. It has been a long time since I wrote in English.Gosh,how many vocabularies and grammars that I forget.Brace my self, maybe grammar nazy will blame for me for so many incorrect grammars and vocabularies. Pardon me,sir.I’m still newbie šŸ˜€


Author: adorablemind

The happiest girl ever :))

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