Hej !

Happy Batik Day


Happy Batik Day,2 October 2010

Lets wear our coolest batik today and bring BATIK to the world!!

Author: adorablemind

The happiest girl ever :))

5 thoughts on “Happy Batik Day

  1. selamat hari batik!
    sadly i don’t have any batik to wear to campus..
    batik buat kondangan doang adanya..
    btw, nice picture😀

  2. klo bukan kita lagi yg jaga dan membudayakan batik lalu siapa lagi

    gan nitip link yah gw disini

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  3. Kereeennn
    Salam kenal dan Sukses selalu…

    Baju Batik Distro

  4. Thank you, I have been seeking for info about this subject for ages and yours is the best I have found so far.

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