Sorry,I’ve been a fool :(


People said,friend is everything
We make poetries,quotes,wisewords of friends
And now,they all have gone
They gone,nobody left
And my ego tell me they forget me
My brain told me,no it’s not,it’s just your feeling of loneliness
Is that true?
Am I a loner or is it true they forget me?
I’m sick,I’m sick of everything
I can do nothing but cry
I better at school now,laugh,talk,chat,everything we all have always done
This loneliness,really freaking me out
I dont know where I can release my tension anymore
I just couldnt find a place to laugh
Not in this hell of home
I feel like a fool write something like this
But I cant control my hand,I cant control my emotion
I let it flow
This feeling is really different
Friends,this is how much I miss you
I’m crying everytime I remember about us
Forgetting each other
Even I dont have enough strength to look at our picture
Now I’m scare to open my facebook
Now I feel everybody hates me
This is me,The hated
No one care,even I dont care about myself
I let it flow
I’ve been drowned,now I drawn again
I’m sorry for being such a stupid
I just now you’ll say ‘No,we are here.You could come whenever you want.’
And I know it’s true
But it still pain,I’m sick
What should I do? I just dont know šŸ˜¦


Author: adorablemind

The happiest girl ever :))

5 thoughts on “Sorry,I’ve been a fool :(

  1. knopo toh mbak?
    ayo ayo. semangat dong.
    akibat langang tingkat tinggi ya? šŸ™‚
    yuk kita hang out. cuih. haha.
    main2 kita. crita2. ajak penghuni duri… šŸ™‚

    anyway, blog ak yg mawar udh baca? cari mawar kuning d duri d mana yaa? šŸ˜‰

  2. iya nis,langang tingkat tinggi
    dan beberapa masalah hati*ahay*
    ayoklah nis,hang out kita
    malas kali dirumah bikin penyakit hati kayak gini
    urung nis,ini aku baru mau baca
    gak tau juga nis dapet dimana,kalo gak ada yo tanam sendiri toh šŸ˜€

  3. heeeeeiiii.. ajak org dunkk.. msh lama ne jd penghuni duri..
    ayooo kita galak2 bersama shel..hahahaha..
    miss u too
    (tp jgn minggu ya..hhe)

  4. hoalah hoalah..
    bangkit penyakit shelby šŸ˜¦
    siniii main kerumah kalo kesepian..
    gak ada yang lupain shelby,cuma kebanyakan tmn2 kita lagi pada fokus bimbel buat ngejar cita2nya..
    kalo knapa2 crita buuk,apalagi masalah hati,hhahaahahah
    buat la rencana buat ngumpul2 gitu shel,ntar ajak kami2 yang d duri ni..
    eh besok kan cap jari ke sekolah,nah,ketemu kitaaaa šŸ˜€
    dtg aja lbh cpt,jadi bisa ngota2 dulu ;p

    penyakit šŸ™‚

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